Don’t Be a Critic To Yourself.

Even on your worst let them know you are killing it.

We are already receiving enough criticism from the world, don’t be a critic to yourself. It is just the way you view yourself is the way you show the world your appearance, it’s we who tell people whether to lift us up or put us down. The world will follow your example of how to treat you, so why go hard on yourself let’s just show them the best version of you.

Let us make our own life so bountiful and feel so fulfilled in our own self that people will only add value in our life. The moment anyone will see you criticizing yourself is the moment they will get an opportunity to judge you, so why let them?

Why can’t we all just be low-key towards our insecurities and negative sides and inevitable. Why do we tell our insecurities to people and other than receiving sympathy all we get is the worst, we get mocked, and we get more judged? People are just replicating every single thing in today’s world, it isn’t that anyone is discourteous to you or is making you feel bad about yourself if you go deep into their behavior towards you it’s you who showed them how can they treat you it is you who let them.

None of us is born perfect none of us will die perfect so why do we let the imperfect judge us for our imperfections? You need to believe in yourself, everyone is following your example in your life and some of us are just ruining, so are we receiving people who will help us ruin it for us better. Tell yourself every single day that YOU ARE GREAT AND YOU ARE BORN TO DO GREAT THINGS every single person in your life will have no option but to believe that yes you are great. It’s is not that difficult don’t judge yourself for your past mistakes

It all happened yesterday, let this stay in yesterday for today and for good.

– Shreya Minocha

2 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Critic To Yourself.

  1. I was already drawn by the first quote…lots of wisdom in it


    1. Thankyou so much, keep supporting xx

      Liked by 1 person

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