5 Ways To Build Trust On Your Own Self!

One of the biggest thing that variances ordinary from extraordinary and makes a person achieve everything, not just for materialistic success but so for the success within mind body and spirit. We all have different definitions for success but what is that one thing which is nonnegotiable for the people who want to make it all happen, for the ones who have a big mission in life, whose life is not meaningless that one quality is trusting your own self, yes, trust your own self. This may sound easy and people say I do trust myself but let me tell you this. There is a thin line distance between trusting our own self and believing that we do trust ourselves, the second one is just pretending that we trust ourselves when at the same time insecurities are hitting us bad and we have been comparing ourselves to do better and can never because of the comparisons of materialistic success. we limit ourselves to do it like a particular person when we know we can’t but then again we try so hard, even if we know that is not for us we still do. The first one is that trust which takes a lot of time to build but once built its very hard to break or stop that person from achieving his or her goals because we know if he has believed it he will achieve it.

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5 ways to build the unbreakable trust on your own self.

  1. Stop comparing yourself.

How many of us compare ourselves? Maybe the question is wrong itself, how many of us do not compare ourselves? Very few. Often in life all we do is just compare ourselves from every human in the world, we think everyone is better than us. If you will stop comparing yourself that means you don’t have to do what others are doing or do it in their way of doing things, the thing about comparing is we want the same results it’s like telling a dog to behave like a man, he simply can’t we cannot compare them if we do then the dog will think of himself as nothing but a fool because he is simply not able to do it. Every person is different and everyone have different lifestyle by comparing we just believe that we are fools by not achieving what the other person has achieved.


  1. Stop being insecure.

No doubt we compare because we think we are not good enough and if we do things like someone else who is more popular we will be liked by the society. This does not happen. Why are we so insecure about ourselves, why cannot we just accept us the way we are Why do we want to become like them, to look like them, to do things like they are doing? We all are unique we all have different lives we all need to know that being insecure will not make you better it will only make you feel depressed every single day, so stop focusing on what they have, focus more on what you have and make it better every single day. So thatw you can trust yourself by knowing that you are not insecure of anyone you will do things your way, you don’t have to look like them, you are perfect in your own way.


  1. Find your vision of life.

Why do we look at life with other people’s point of view, Why do we do things the way people want us to do? Most of the people don’t even take their life decision themselves they are always depend on other people to do the things they are supposed to do and the basic decisions they are supposed to take. Everyone one of us is different we have our own life and our own opinions about things, and when we view life the way other people are trying to do it we fail at most of the things. You need to find your own vision of life and do things your way that’s how you can trust yourself and walk on your life decisions. Not the ones people are trying to show you.

  1. Stop criticizing your own self.

You need to believe in yourself even if the world doesn’t believe that you were born to do great things and you will eventually, so why not start by believing that you are great already, but some of us get so hard on ourselves and think that we are good for nothing, we don’t need criticism from others to put us down because we put ourselves down enough where we drown and do not feel like getting up and take a stand for ourselves, get up now and take a stand for yourself don’t get criticized by anyone and do not criticize your own self. Believe that you are great and you are born to do great things for 3 weeks, no judgement and no criticism for 3 weeks and then you will develop a habit of thinking yourself no less than great.


  1. Love yourself.


In a world, full of people trying to find love the best thing you can do is love yourself first. Loving yourself will eventually turn out the best because if you do love yourself, you will do things your way, you will not compare yourself, you will accept yourself with all your flaws and you will not judge yourself from your past mistakes by doing all this, automatically you will be the one who can trust his own self the most. Because love and trust comes together. You don’t have to please anyone you must decide that you are the one to be trusted the most and

“you deserve all the love you are looking for in the world”

– Shreya Minocha

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