Unlock Your Life !

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You cannot do wrong and feel right

Our journey would come across so many people, where some people will cheer with you and others will make you regret. It’s not that I am talking about our generation but also the kids and adults who are at the different stages of life and feel different situations. Sometimes in life, situations keep repeating themselves until they teach you the lesson which needs to be taught and on a sad note, only few people have the wisdom to understand this. When you stop blaming those situations, that is the point you start growing. For a kid it would be a simple bicycle practice, he learns only after getting hit throughout his path “that is what we call learning” to learn is to get hit over and over again until you get it done right.

But for a teenager life has been narrow, and then relationships are limited till physical pleasures. Where the conclusion remains on the blaming game of situations. Of course, we seek what is right for us, but with the level of our consciousness life is not that narrow. There are goals that are bigger than relationships, choose your thoughts like you choose your selfies for Instagram. Create new meanings for life.

Get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.

People pray for cake, but when the almighty give them eggs, butter, a pan, and oven, they leave the kitchen. Unchain yourself from every fear and when you become a diamond, you will realize why life had to pressure you.

#Guestpost by ISHA VERMA 




1 thought on “Unlock Your Life !

  1. Awesome post……. Just loved it 🙂


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